Get Open Graph Preview to see your draft post

Open Graph Preview
Open Graph Preview

Open Graph Preview shows how people will see your site in a few popular social networks. It useful when you post to Facebook or Twitter, or to some Russia based social media platforms ( or


  • The app is free and designed by Pavel Rybin.
  • It also works with just the preview of your posts.
  • If you like it, you can donate a cup of coffee.
  • Over 15.000 developers use this extension.

Benefits Open Graph Preview

Anyone who wants to make sure their WordPress post is broadcast correctly to social media should use this extension. Before actually posting anything, so before you can use the Twitter Card validator or the Facebook Sharing Debugger, you want to make sure there are no real problems. That’s why you need this browser extension. You don’t want to share anything without making sure it’s perfect.


In the review and the support section of this extension, you see a lot about the programming behind this extension. Pavel Rybin seems to be a lone developer, who managed to write a useful addition to the developer’s toolbox. He has to do this in his free time, which is remarkable. Still, with a bit more effort, and some more platforms added (like LinkedIn or Instagram), this extension might become a necessary tool for any blogger.


There are a few other options for this extension, but none of them are as complete and useful as OGP.

We should mention, however, that there are several free or paid automated services to post your pages or articles to the various social media platforms, who offer almost the same service. Like Buffer or Tweetdeck (just for Twitter). You’ll see the link, the featured image attached to the link you want to share, and more. For these solutions, you still need a live post, though.

Final verdict

The extension we feature here is one of the great examples of the value even a small team (or a single programmer) can add to the internet. In this case, Pavel Rybin has developed a unique, useful addition that should be useful for anyone blogging, or even for anyone browsing the Internet. Sure, it’s more like a developers tool (as categorized in the Chrome Web Store), but once you’ve published an article or post by error, you’ll quickly see you’ll need it.

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