Use the Honey extension to get great deals

Honey is an extension from the Chrome Web Store, that offers easy access to discount coupons, price history, and more. You can use it to save money online. Who wouldn’t want this? 



  • Easy installation. Works with an account, but also without.
  • After installation, you can press a button to see coupon codes on many reseller websites, like Amazon, Macy’s, Target, Walmart, and more.
  • Save money when shopping online.
  • Apply the coupon during the checkout process.
  • Offers the most coupons to users from the USA and on Amazon.

Benefits Honey extension

Who doesn’t shop online nowadays? There’s no denying that this method of buying goods has become a real gamechanger. It’s convenient, fast, and usually less costly than buying products in a regular store. With this extension, you can spot discounts easily, so you can save even more money. And if you don’t see a discount coupon, you can still save money. This is when you earn Honey Gold: credits you can cash in later, or use to buy new products.

Drawbacks Honey extension

Since this extension works in a regular Chrome or Chromium browser, you can’t use it to shop with your smartphone or tablet. Honey does support other browsers, like Safari, Firefox, and Opera. And recently, you could install an app on your iPhone to profit from Honey. An app for Android is being developed too. 


The biggest limitation to Honey is the fact that you can only really profit from it in the US, Canada, Australia or Great Britain. With the current success rate (over 10 million users), we expect it to roll out to other countries soon.


Honey is a free product, and they promise it will remain free. They make their money through affiliate marketing.

Alternatives to Honey

There are several other bargain extensions available for installation that promise many of the same advantages:

Read more about possible alternatives in this article in Lifewire.

Final verdict

If you’re not afraid to make another company rich with you purchases, in return for a modest discount, Honey is the extension for you.


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