Chrome Web Store

The Chrome Web Store is the place to find extensions to add important functionality to your Chrome browser. You can also find Themes here, to add color to your browsing environment. You can filter by Features or Rating, or browse through a Category.

Advantages Chrome Web Store

There are many advantages to the Chrome Web Store. It helps you to connect with services provided by other developers, so you can add functionality that Google doesn’t offer. Most of the extensions and themes are free, even though the services they connect to usually aren’t. You can increase productivity by adding tailored extensions to make some tasks easier to accomplish. Finally, you can add color, distraction or inspiration to your tabs. Thanks to your extensions you can make sure that browsing the web can be a personal voyage, and a fun experience too.

Drawbacks Chrome Web Store

It’s effortless to add extensions to your Chrome browser. In fact, it’s so easy that you might lose oversight, and get a cluttered Chrome menu. Also, with every extension, you give permissions to third-party developers to view your data, which raises a lot of privacy and internet security concerns. There are some real risks, that Google tries to mitigate, but are none-the-less not completely avoidable without sacrificing functionality. There are some ways to counter these risks, which we’ll go into in another article. Still, the fact remains: it’s not just easy for the user to add functionality to their browser, it’s also easy for others to gain access too.

Final verdict

Despite the obvious risks in trusting third-party developers to gain access to your browsing experience, we still feel that the advantages of this Web Store are huge. If you want to quickly capture an entire webpage, you need an extension (like Full Page Screen Capture). If you want to quickly save an article to Evernote, or to some other online notebook service, you want an extension. You don’t want to fiddle around, you just want to click a button, and add the page, article, or bookmark. The Chrome Web Store helps you out. But only if you’re informed, and alert.



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