Use this VPN extension and stay safe online

sh.We think ZenMate might just be the best the VPN extension in the Chrome Web Store. The interface is simple and straightforward, just like you would expect from an extension with the word ZEN in it. Even with the free version you can change the location you appear to come from. 


  • Installation is easy and fast.
  • Change the location you appear to surf from with one click.
  • Design is beautiful.
  • Based in the European Union.
  • Speed is capped in the free version.
  • No logs.

Benefits ZenMate

 There are many VPN providers out there, and not all of them inspire trust the way ZenMate does. It’s clear from their website that this isn’t a one-man operation. It’s also clear that their mission is to make it easy and safe for everyone (and their Mother) to surf online. This is commendable, even though it might just be a matter of marketing. Since they also offer clear pricing plans, and an affiliate program (which we didn’t apply for) it looks like they’ve got their act together. This wouldn’t be sustainable without offering a great product that millions of people around the world rely upon. 

Drawbacks ZenMate

 As always: once you decide to use a VPN, you hand over your data from your provider to a third party. They better protect your data with their life! How can you be sure that they do just that? This is a matter of faith, unfortunately. 

Other drawbacks are the gentle reminders to upgrade to their paid plan, while on Free. It’s usually not more than a single click, but it gets annoying.


  • Basic: free to use. Four locations, no logs, speed cap of 2MB/s
  • Unlimited: starting from $2,05 per month (2 year contract).

 You can find more information on their pricing page.

 Alternatives to ZenMate

 If you’re looking for an alternative to ZenMate, there are many options. None of them are as versatile and powerful, but they’re still worth your attention. This is the list we’ve tried ourselves:

  •  TouchVPN (this appears to be the most widely used VPN extension, but the reference site doesn’t lead to an active site. It doesn’t inspire trust at all).
  • Hotspot Shield VPN (this is the free version of their VPN. It offers much the same functionality of ZenMate, but more cluttered).
  • ExpressVPN  (more expensive than ZenMate, but marketed aggressively, based in the BVI).

 You’ll find more options with reviews on this site: TechRadar.

 Final verdict

 When looking for an extension to shield your traffic destinations, you can’t go wrong with ZenMate. We consider the user experience, the business model transparency, and the team behind the product trustworthy. And even when you’re not interested in all the perks of the Ultimate subscription, this VPN will do the trick when download the odd torrent file now and then. Power Users better for fork over some money, but even this amount doesn’t seem unreasonable.


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Use SafeInCloud for your password collection

Screenshot SafeInCloud
Screenshot SafeInCloud

The problem with Internet security is that it’s a giant, opaque, frightening world of possible hurt. And costly too. Where do you start to protect yourself? What are your best options? In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with SafeInCloud, a browser extension that makes your password management easy and secure. And it’s almost free to use too.


  • Free Windows and Mac apps for your computer.
  • Modestly priced versions for Android and iPhone.
  • No expensive subscriptions.
  • Save your passwords in your own cloud: the developer has no access to your data.

Benefits SafeInCloud

What we like about SafeInCloud isn’t just the price. If you were interested in nothing but saving a bit of money, you could rely on the save password function that’s built into any modern browser. And since many websites rely on an automated system of password retrieval, you could even decide to enter random passwords for every site, without bothering to remember them. A new password is requested almost without delay.

Still, with over 150 passwords in my SafeInCloud database, I see a clear advantage for trusting this data to a third-party app. What if you use more than one computer? What if you want to make sure you can use these passwords outside one single browser or on one device? The biggest benefits SafeInCloud offers is just this: save your passwords where no-one can access them but you. Fully integrated with important browsers and platforms. Safety couldn’t be cheaper.


The programming of SafeInCloud seems robust and reliable. The extension makes it easy to find and save passwords for the sites you prefer to visit, but it still needs the program to function properly. Sometimes the dialogues aren’t completely understandable. If you lose your password, you lose access to all passwords: that’s a pain, but it just might happen. It happened to us. And then it takes some effort te re-install everything.


Besides the already mentioned built-in password functions in browsers, that aren’t safe at all, apparently, there are several paid options. Lastpass is a freemium solution, with an attractive family tier, so everyone will be safe and secured. If you want to understand what their free plan has to offer, you have to try it yourself, on their website is not much information. It’s clearly geared towards the premium plan. Dashlane is another contender for the prize, but it’s limited to 50 passwords, which makes it just about useless without forking out $ 36 annually.

You can find more alternatives on this site.

Final verdict

So, there you have it: in the almost completely free arena of reliable password managers, we really see no alternative. SafeInCloud might not feel as slick and user-friendly as it’s competitors, but it’s the next best thing. And it’s based on your own cloud, which is pretty much unique.