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Chrome Extensions and Firefox Add-Ons are where the Internet is still at its most vibrant and alive. Any coder with a bit of time and talent on their hands can create one. With the power of the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons Store, they can reach an audience of millions. Most extensions are free to use, and easy to install. They all add a formidable amount of functionality to your browser. That’s why we wanted to introduce our selection of extensions to the world. They might just help you out!

What’s the risk?

However, these extensions and add-ons also pose a clear risk. They can be used to harvest and sell personal data for monetary gain, or for political objectives. That’s why Google has implemented new systems of checks and security. They’ve called it Project Strobe, and it’s made your extensions safer than ever. With so many scandals in the past, it’s about time, too!

Still, nothing beats real-life, hands-on information. That’s why we created this website. To help you get the most of your browser.

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Where did you find time to write all these wonderful reviews? I especially like the fact that you’ve clearly tried and tested them all. Great work!

Daniel Jansen

Instructive and short reviews. This website helps me to make my business and personal life run a bit smoother. Nice.

Robert Altberg